I Love My Easy Change Sport
One of the coolest pieces of gear to have if you are an outdoor athlete. Get in and out of your gear without exposing yourself.
James Gaetano - David's World Cycle, Florida

I have been looking for a product like this for a long time. I'm a kayaker and when I finish kayaking I'm usually wet and there is no place to change clothes around the boat launching area. I usually have to put a towel down on my car seat and drive home wearing wet clothes. There are times when I would like to stop at a restaurant, but, because I'm wearing wet clothes that is not possible. With this very easy to use "changing room" now I can change out of my wet clothes and into dry clothes while in public places where there are no bathrooms or changing facilities. I would highly recommend this product. 
Neil  Kiernan - Florida

Living near the ocean in sunny Southern California, I swim, kayak, and ride my bike often. Easy Change Sport is a quick, easy and safe way for me to change my clothes in parking lots and other public areas without the fear of being caught. The dual pocket design makes it easy to remove a wet bathing suit and pull up my dry clothes. So, if you are an outdoors enthusiast who often needs to change outfits I recommend this very useful product.
Ken Juber - California

WOW! Even better than I could have imagined . Well made and super cool innovative design. I am positive that this will get extensive use year round while I play tennis.
Leatha LeBlanc - Colorado

My husband and I go bass fishing in Central Texas most weekends. Changing into my swim suit on shore doesn't work out because you never know when a fisherman will come trolling along. Now I can change in privacy no matter who comes floating by, I can change right in the boat.
I also plan to use my Easy Change when we go camping.

Nancy Judd - Texas

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